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"The Wisdom Model"

What is The Wisdom Model?

  1. The Wisdom Model™ serves as a dynamic tool, guiding individuals and organizations in leveraging wisdom to align actions with their desired legacy.
  2. The Wisdom Model™ emphasizes enhavim-focused success, advocating for a balance between financial goals and social responsibility.
  3. The Wisdom Model™ encourages a life dedicated to meaningful pursuits, high ideals, and nurturing relationships as core components of a profound legacy.
  4. The Wisdom Model™ offers guidance for optimizing life's facets through heightened wisdom, ensuring alignment with your desired legacy.
  5. The Wisdom Model™ provides a pathway to leaving a profound legacy through intentional choices and impactful actions that reflect its principles.
  6. The Wisdom Model™ aligns visionary leaders with solutions for societal challenges, fostering a community of impact and innovation.

The Three Wisdoms of The Wisdom Model are a masterful trio in the Masterwork360 program.